Anastasia  Soare

A former architecture student from Romania, Anastasia Soare now owns an empire of beauty salons and a cosmetic line that has made her the leading authority on eye brows in the North American beauty industry. Fueled by her desire to leave the oppressive conditions of communist Romania, she convinced her husband to defect to the United States. Two and a half years later, she and her daughter were able to join him. Unable to pursue her career as an architect in her new country, she enrolled in cosmetology school.
Her architectural knowledge gave her a keen eye for studying the architecture of the face. As she faced the challenge of being a single mother, her star was rising professionally. This demand turned into fourteen-hour workdays six days a week. Women lined up outside her door for hours hoping to benefit from the non-surgical, instant “face lift”.
What began as a way to make a living has resulted in a multi-million dollar enterprise, making her a true inspiration and testament to hard work and determination.