April Barton

With a career that spans over 20 years, April Barton has cut her way to the top. Co-owner of the uber-cool Suite 303 Salon in the historic and legendary Chelsea Hotel, she has become one of the top celebrity hairstylists in New York City. With a client list that includes Matthew Modine, Mark Wahlberg, Christina Ricci, U2 and Oasis, she has built a steady celebrity following. Raised by a high-stakes gambling father, she lived her early life running from the law, living in mansions, motels and trailers. High school and beauty school completed, she left home at 18 to move to London and opened a School of Beauty with a group of hairstylists. Returning to the US, she settled in New York City, where she explored acting, screenwriting and a rock and roll lifestyle that led to alcoholism. Now sober, she became an active member in the New York Art scene, exchanging haircuts for artistic performances in her salon and views Hair Styling as an art form and artistic expression. Although never married and is without children, she views her staff at Suite 303 as her kids.