Bonnie Fuller

What makes Bonnie Fuller arguably the most successful Magazine Editor of our time? What does she possess that allowed her to succeed in spite of traumatic personal blows, career sabotage, and corporate constraints? In this episode of “Women on Top” we follow Bonnie’s personal and professional struggle right to the top.

After her father abandoned her family, Bonnie learned that having a secure career was essential to a woman’s independence. She then dropped out of law school to pursue her dream in journalism. Her passion brought her to New York where she landed a job as a staff-writer with Woman’s Wear Daily. Then Bonnie made the impossible leap from fashion reporter to Editor in Chief at Flare Magazine in Toronto where she perfected her copy and her style. Back in New York, she made daring and controversial editorial choices at Cosmo, Glamour and US boosting their circulation and redefining magazine publishing.

Risking her corporate ascent, Bonnie made her four children and husband a priority. But this choice was severely tested when her second child fell ill with a brain tumour; Bonnie was on call 24/7 – at work and at the hospital. Then, when her youngest daughter fell ill with leukemia, Bonnie faced her greatest challenge as a mother and provider. How is Bonnie able to balance it all: a strong marriage; a growing family and a thriving career? Fuller now serves as the editorial director of American Media, where she relaunched the former tabloid Star magazine as a glossy magazine. Today, as Bonnie takes on the job as Editor in Chief of one of the largest magazine publishers in North America, does she still have what it takes?