Episode Two

In this second episode we travel to Toronto to find the four contestants who’ll be representing “Central” Canada in the four episodes, Handyman Challenge finals. To begin, all entrants will again face our two-stage audition process: first an on-camera interview with HGTV producers/executives to determine Toronto’s “top fifty”, then an on-camera project “pitch” to the judges to determine who’ll be competing as the “final ten.” Then it’s on to their first elimination challenge: from an enormous pile of wooden junk the handymen have just two hours to recycle old, useless furniture into something new and functioning. Again, the three who most fail to impress the judges with their skills, knowledge or creativity will be eliminated. And again the remaining seven must next go head-to-head in a second elimination challenge: shingling a small gazebo-like roof in just twenty minutes time. Again, the three handymen who do the poorest job will be dismissed, and again the remaining four will now be declared Canada’s Handyman Challenge “Central Canada” finalists.