Episode Three

Now things are heating up as our “final twelve” travel to Hamilton to face their most severe test yet – head-to-head challenges with their cross-country competition and a nerve-wracking, face-to-face mini-challenge with each of our judges to kick things off. Up first the handymen meet with Mike Holmes to first answer some skill, knowledge-based or trivia-like “handyman” questions before next being tested on what they see “wrong” with a purposely mis-constructed mock kitchen wall. With Scott McGillivray, the handymen will be asked to figure out a puzzle, by measuring and then cutting a unique shape from plywood in order to fit over a matching plywood “template”- a challenge that looks simple but is anything but. Finally, Bryan Baeumler will present the handymen with tools galore, old and new, and test them on what they know about them – and what they don’t. All in all the two handymen deemed to have most failed their “sessions” with the judges be eliminated.
But that doesn’t mean the remaining ten can relax just yet! Up next, pulling from a pile of discarded old door – all shapes and sizes – our remaining handyman must hang them in the allotted space of a mock wall in one hour’s time. Some will excel and others will falter, but the two handymen who most fail to shut out their competitors will be going home.. For the remaining eight it’s one step closer to becoming HGTV’s first-ever Canada’s Handyman Challenge winner.