Cristina  Bartolucci & Laura DeLuisa

No one would ever pair up Laura DeLuisa and Cristina Bartolucci. Opposite in so many ways, Laura and Cristina separately became top Hollywood hair and make-up artists. Yet, they decided to risk everything, give up their careers and jump into a new business – together. How did Laura and Cristina create the sexy, multi-million company DuWop Cosmetics? In this episode of “Women on Top” we see how they united to beat the odds in the glamorous world of cosmetics.

A rebel, always restless, Cristina dropped out of college, dabbled at various jobs and interned on a soap opera. Between careers, Cristina helped out her make-up artist roommate by powdering the noses of extras on set. She took to the industry and became a top make-up artist for network series like Felicity and Scrubs.

Over the years, Cristina sometimes worked alongside Laura DeLuisa, a hairstylist, who was dogged by poor health. By 1998, she was dying from kidney failure and a transplant was too risky. At the last moment, Laura’s mother donated one of her kidneys. While Laura was in the hospital, to her surprise, Cristina visited. They were acquaintances but not close. But out of that visit came their determination to work together to build a business of their own.

After work, Cristina and Laura had “entrepreneurial slumber parties” where they would create cosmetics. Mixing ingredients in Laura’s kitchen, they tested the products on actors on set. Finally, they had to choose: their successful careers or a new company, DuWop Cosmetics. Thinking outside the box, Laura and Cristina created the first spicy lip gloss which plumped lips – lip venom. Innovative products like that put them on the map, got DuWop into Sephora and by 2005 DuWop projected revenues of over $15 million dollars. How have they come this far? And working together, can they take DuWop to the next level… on their own?