Dave Pasternack

“I love the sea, it’s in my blood” says Chef Dave Pasternack. And he’s not kidding: Dave’s been fishing since the age of five, and forty years later, now runs Esca – what many consider to be the best seafood restaurant in New York City. Dave brought the crudo craze to Manhattan — an Italian preparation of lightly cured raw, fresh fish with olive oils, sea salts, crushed nuts and/or citrus juices. Given the unadorned nature of his cuisine, Dave’s ingredients are paramount and he has more than 50 purveyors of seafood from around the world. Still an avid fisherman himself, Dave still supplies some items on the menu from his own fishing trips. Frank Brunni of the New York Times says, “He’s an honest-to-God fisherman, in love with the ocean, and Esca is his ongoing ode to it.” So is Pasternack’s new cookbook, “The Young Man and the Sea” which chronicles his love of fishing, cooking and offers readers some of the most coveted Esca staples- including the Italian Frito Misto Amalfitano.