Dean Fearing

As a teenager, Dean Fearing thought the world revolved around his Fender guitar – working in the local Holiday Inn kitchen was simply a means to a (hopefully) rockstar end. But one day his dad said, “Look, there’s a chef coming to town and offering classes. I know you want to be a rockstar, but just give him five minutes of your time.” That chef (Harvey Colgin, a 72-year-old former chef of the Ritz Carlton) changed his life. Dean found his own rhythm in the kitchen, moved on to the Culinary Institute of America, and eventually became known for his unique take on Southwestern cuisine. His restaurant “The Mansion” in Dallas has drawn accolades from Presidents, including George Bush and Bill Clinton. He’s authored two cookbooks and has hosted two television series. But he hasn’t completely let go of his rockstar dream: he has a band with fellow Texan chefs, called The Barbwires.