Elizabeth Falkner

Known as a dessert artist who makes “anything but round” cakes, Elizabeth Falkner’s architecturally stunning and mouth-watering creations have earned her a place amongst pastry and savoury cooks alike. Falkner says, “I love architecture in dessert because the medium asks for it. The chemical structures of chocolate and sugar are meant to be modeled and molded.” Sugar stalactites, shards of sugar and hard and soft meringues are some of her signatures. The California native is a fine arts graduate who originally planned on pursuing a career in film after obtaining her degree from the San Francisco Art Institute. However, after pastry stints at several of San Francisco’s most renowned restaurants including Masa’s, Elka and Rubicon, she made pastry her medium. In 1997 she opened her own dessert restaurant, the cinematically inspired “Citizen Cake” (“a cake for every citizen”) to wide critical acclaim. In 2005, she added a savoury component to her pastry outfit, with the same balance and care she takes on the pastry side. She’s alsoa cookbook author and winner of numerous prestigious awards – both local and national.