Finishing School

On this episode, our Real Designing Women take on the heat for the happiness of a job well done.

In this episode, Lori continues her design at the infamous Greystone Mansion in Beverley Hills (historic site and well know movie location) for one of the most prestigious magazines in the business, Traditional Home. She decides to use the room to pitch herself as a potential “insider” for V and M, a website that connects designers to moneyed clientele. When the websites president comes to view her “jeweled meditation room”, he immediately offers her the position.

Dee Dee, meanwhile, oversees the finishing of a pricey condo penthouse that she has been working on for a client friend of hers. During a walk-through, Dee Dee notices some problem areas and makes sure they are taken care of before her friend sees the finished product.

Nina has her hands full in NYC as the deadline for The Dillon condo showrooms looms. While helping to sell condos or magazines she’s really, of course, trying to sell herself as a designer. With the help of her assistant Bryn, Nina has to shop, place, and prepare the showroom with not much time for anything else.