Grant Achatz

Grant Achatz grew up in the family restaurant business in Michigan but now, as a world-famous chef, his food goes way beyond traditional. A molecular gastronomist, Grant is a bold experimenter with food ingredients and their form. He’s renowned for his exquisite 25-course tasting menu at his restaurant Alinea in Chicago which Gourmet Magazine has hailed as the “Best Restaurant in America”. Grant knew as a teenager he wanted to become a chef and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. He credits his mentor Thomas Keller (and a two-year stint at the renowned French Laundry) for giving him both the guidance and the freedom to pursue a truly original cuisine. Grant also recently recovered from the scare of his life: he was recently diagnosed with cancer of the mouth, which could have ended his career. But an innovative cancer treatment saved his precious sense of taste, and Grant is back where he belongs: in the kitchen of Alinea, creating more of the innovative dishes that have made him famous.