In this first episode of the new season Canada’s Handyman Challenge, Host Jenn Roberston and Judges Scott McGillavray, Paul La France and Bryan Baeumler travel to Halifax where they meet savvy contestants “pitching” their pre-made plywood project. The Judges select a rooster Top ten handyman. This top Ten take on their first challenge building a gate starting with 2 posts and different styles of hardware or decorative inserts for inspiration. The Judges give the contestants two hours to complete the challenge and once the all the dust settles three contestants will be eliminated. The remaining seven contestants have to create a go-kart, scooter or unique buggy from a wheeled city garbage bin containing appropriate “garbage” – 2×4’s, old wheels, a kitchen chair etc. They will have two hours to complete the challenge. Two contestants will be eliminated the remaining five is declared the “Eastern Canada” finalists.