Jane Carroll

How did a tough kid from the Bronx grow up to become the celebrity floral designer? Jane Carroll triumphed over financial hardships, limited opportunities and teenage pregnancy to take her life in a direction that no one expected. But what propelled her to risk the financial security she desperately wanted to follow her dreams? How did Jane grow a tiny floral business into a multi-million dollar company?
Growing up, Jane Carroll dreamed of playing for the Yankees. A gifted athlete, Jane won a basketball scholarship, but her dreams of college ended when her family could not afford the textbooks. Then, at 19, Jane became pregnant and married her much older boyfriend, but Jane had bigger ambitions than being a housewife. Looking to stretch herself artistically, she wandered into a class on Japanese floral arrangement. Jane had never seen anything so elegant as the flowers in that class. Inspired, Jane started her floral business in her basement. Sacrificing time with her son, sometimes working seventy-two hours straight, Jane pursued her passion and her business.
Jane knew she had something special with her flower designs, if only she could get someone to recognize that. Jane was determined to get her flower designs on Oprah’s “O List”, no one but Jane believed she could do it. In this episode of Women on Top we follow the Jane Carroll’s fascinating journey from the gritty streets of the Bronx, to the set of Oprah, to the top of her glamorous field.