Jaye Hersh

Jaye Hersh owns Intuition, the hottest celebrity boutique in Los Angeles. Jaye’s ability to stay ahead of fashion trends is legend. But Jaye’s life wasn’t always so glitzy. Left virtually homeless after a bitter divorce, Jaye struggled to put food on the table for her kids. How did she turn her life around by selling fashion literally out of the trunk of her car? In this episode of Women on Top we will see how Jaye Hersh went from riches to rags and back to riches again.
Jaye grew up well-to-do, worked as a fashion industry executive but lost her first $40 million dollar business in her divorce. What kept Jane going during the lean times were her kids, to whom she desperately wanted to show how you can overcome adversity. Refusing to be defeated, Jaye started selling pashminas and trendy handbags from her car. Friends set up home shopping parties for her. Word spread of Jaye’s fabulous fashion finds and before she knew it, she was doing nearly $1 million dollars in sales annually out of her home. Neighbours complained to the police about the traffic and she had to shut her business down.