Jeanne Beker

Jeanne Beker has been the face of Fashion Television for over twenty years. How did Jeanne carve out her identity in television and fashion? And did her drive and career cost her her marriage? In this episode of “Women on Top” we’ll get up close and personal with the Jeanne Beker you only think you know.
Milan, New York, London and Paris: everyone in Fashion knows Jeanne Beker and her distinctive laugh. But Jeanne started out far from the exciting world of fashion. Raised in a decidedly unglamorous Toronto suburb, Jeanne studied acting in New York and Toronto. Then, boldly moved to Paris to study mime. (Ironically, her first gig was on a Newfoundland radio station.) Driven and persistent, she then landed at Chum radio and later CityTV as an entertainment reporter. Jeanne always showed cutting edge fashion sense but she was not CityTV’s first choice for Fashion Television (FT). But when Jeanne wants something she goes after it. She won the job.
As a roving fashionista, Jeanne became the eyes and the ears of the audience. Working with Moses Znaimer and John Martin, she helped develop a fresh approach to the industry. Jeanne reinvented fashion reporting, helped build FT into a worldwide phenomenon and some say, changed our view of fashion itself. Larger than life, always on the move, Jeanne has written books, designed a line of clothing, presides as Editor-in-Chief of FQ Magazine and writes a newspaper column. In a youth-obsessed industry, what keeps Jeanne hip and connected to her audience? Now that Jeanne’s an icon, can she speak to the next generation – especially when that generation is now her daughters’ age?