Linda Perry

Credited with bringing out the real artist in pop’s top vocalists, songwriter/producer Linda Perry is one of the most sought after names in music today. In spite of personal challenges she has conquered her inner demons and her work has transformed herself into a legend in her own time. Through her work with top recording artists, she has lined the pockets of all the major record labels. Her music resonates throughout the planet, selling tens of millions of albums. Showered with awards and accolades from her peers, she’s a woman at the top of her game.
Growing up in Springfield, MA, Linda Perry spent her youth struggling with kidney disease then addiction before focusing on music. Linda displayed her talents for music at an early age. During her teenage years not only did she flounder in school, she failed when it came to forming bands in the San Diego area.
Remarkably, in the 90’s she catapulted to fame as the singer/songwriter on “What’s Up”, a monster hit that sold seven million albums worldwide for “4 Non Blondes”. She has toured with The Who, Aerosmith, Prince, Neil Young, and Pearl Jam and performed with Roger Daltry and Grace Slick.
Artists such as Pink, Christina Aguilera, Enrique Iglesias and Gwen Stefani have touched the hearts of millions thanks to Linda Perry. In addition to her skills as a producer and writer Linda is also an astute A and R person. Quick to recognize talent, she signed the British artist James Blunt to her newly formed record label Custard. She will continue to be a formidable force in the music industry for years to come.