Living The Life

On this episode, our Real Designing Women prove that staying on top isn’t just a job, it’s a full-on lifestyle.

In this episode Lori’s continuing re-design of a beautiful Laurel Canyon villa serves as the backdrop to an unexpected argument between her and her contractor husband about the improper installation of an air conditioner.

Dee Dee is up to her usual fun, flirtatious ways. Her charisma, style and industry stature also means she’s considered “A list” for most society and industry events like the Absolut Vodka event she is trying to find a date for.

Nina, meanwhile, has a retail store of used furnishings and accessories in Little Italy called Haus Interiors. It has become a celebrated design resource and could be called Nina’s first love. That’s why she claims to “curate” it rather than stock it. Nina and her girlfriends take their annual four hour trip to the Brimfield Flea Market to find “objects” that she believes will become the next “it” items for the store.