Monique Moizel

When it comes to cutting edge fashion, LA designer Monique Moizel is at the top. Her multi-million dollar clothing line, Pretty Punk is the choice of Young Hollywood – Drew Barrymore, Hillary Duff and Shakira. But it’s been far from an easy ride. Monique was thrown out of fashion school and told she’d never make it as a designer. She had to overcome the untimely death of her greatest supporter, her father. And when she finally succeeded as a designer, it was only to have her first multi-million dollar company stolen from her.

Refusing to be defeated, Monique launched a major lawsuit. After two years of struggle, she won a settlement and started from the bottom again to build her new clothing line: Pretty Punk. Monique found a unique West Coast look: she took simple pieces, hooded sweatshirts, tank tops, and dressed them up with fine embroidery studding and crystals – fun fashion.

How did this young woman in her 20s go on to make sales in the millions – not once but twice? And how did she find true love while dealing with the demands of running her business in the fickle world of Hollywood fashion? In this episode of “Women on Top” we follow the chaotic journey of Monique Moizel to see how she managed to have the last laugh.