Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris got his first role in the fourth grade-Toto in his school’s production of The Wizard of Oz. His parents learned early they had a talented child and by high school moved the family to Hollywood where Harris landed film and television roles, but his big break came playing opposite Whoopi Goldberg in the theatrical feature Clara’s Heart earning him a Golden Globe nomination. The role caught the attention of the producers of a new series called Doogie Howser, the role that would personify Harris for more than a decade. He found out the hard way that escaping a defining television role can be as difficult as getting it. It took dozens of films, stage and television roles to reinvent himself, but with one off-beat role in a sleeper hit “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle” Harris turned the corner of his comeback journey. While a few Hollywood insiders wondered if his admission of being a content gay man might hurt his career-especially in regards to his role as a womanizer on the top-rated sitcom, How I Met Your Mother-Harris enjoyed the exact opposite effect. In 2009, the fan favorite hosted the 63rd annual Tony Awards, receiving overall glowing reviews by the harshest of critics.