Nobu Matsuhisa

Nobu’s humble beginnings as the third son of a lumber merchant in Japan belies the ultimate success of what some call one of the best chefs in the world. At 15 years of age, he began the long road to superstardom apprenticing at a now-defunct sushi restaurant in Tokyo. From Tokyo he moved to South America, where Chef Nobu opened restaurants in Peru and Argentina before landing on US shores- to Alaska. After his beloved restaurant burned to the ground, Nobu relocated to LA and opened the first of a long chain of restaurants. In 1993 when working in NYC Nobu met regular customer and A-list actor Robert DeNiro who asked the chef to open a restaurant with him. The results was NOBU in the Tribeca district of NYC. In 2000, he teamed up with the fashion designer, Georgio Armani, to open NOBU Milan. Now, with 21 locations in operation, he continues to receive offers to open in around the world. His success coupled with his universal approach (using influences from South America to the US) has helped spread Japanese cuisine around the world. Nobu has been recognized with awards such as the “Best Ten Chef’s in the US”, consecutively ranked No.1 in the category of “Taste” in the Zagat Food Survey and a Michelin Star to NOBU London only to name a few. He has been presented with Time Magazine’s “Asian Heroes Award 2005” in recognition for his influence in bringing Asia closer to the rest of the world. He has also been active outside the food business and has made appearances in movies and commercials. In recent years he has increased his focus on charity by participating in charity events and dinners. He is one of the founders of the “Taste of Dream” charity event started in 2005, bringing together celebrity chefs in Japan to raise funds for various causes.