Patrick Dempsey

A charismatic, yet geeky heartthrob of teen films of the late 1980s, Patrick Dempsey succeeded in doing what few teen idols ever manage to do – disappear off the radar for years before resurrecting their adult career as the resident hunk on one of the most popular TV shows of its time. After his fast track to fame as the wannabe lady killer in Can’t Buy Me Love (1987), he followed up with Heaven Help Us and, Loverboy, also big with teenage girls who lusted after the young hunk. The 21 year old then shocked his young fan base by marrying his manager who was 48. Soon after, he decided he wanted to pursue more adult roles but none of them received the audience attention that his earlier films did. Dempsey eventually became a regular working actor with a few notable credits but his star did not rise as many had thought it would. When Dempsey landed the part of neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, he was clearly back! Reaching a career high with this role, Dempsey became a national obsession with female fans, who all agree that the actor lived up to his infamous moniker, “Dr. McDreamy”. Dempsey’s star turn on the show has helped him land leading film roles including the box office success Enchanted and more recently “Made Of Honor”.