Susanna Trilling

Susanna Trilling has been a chef for over thirty years and has dabbled in the culinary traditions of many countries- but it’s her own Mexican roots that pulled her back to what she loves most. Raised in Philadelphia, but visited her Mexican grandparents who ran a Tex-Mex restaurant in San Antonio. Susanna says she thought her grandmother’s wonderfully fragrant kitchen was “the centre of the universe.” Susana has always been a free spirit, and very idealistic: she thought she’d become a social worker and make the world a better place but after 2 years of college, she took a year off, worked in restaurants and she was hooked. Ever since, in her many years as a professional chef, Susana opened New York restaurants Bon Temps Rouler and Rick’s Lounge and both were successful. It was in 1988 however, that Susanna really found her heart’s wishes come true when she moved to Mexico’s gastronomic capital, Oaxaca. There, Susanna opened her catering business and cooking school called Seasons of My Heart on the Rancho Aurora- a hillside farm – which was made into a PBS culinary series as well as an accompanying cookbook. She had finally found her spiritual, culinary and ancestral “home.” Her classes, culinary tours and lectures focus on pre-Hispanic foods (including chilies, chocolate and maize), traditional culinary, medicinal and spiritual herb usage – and the Spanish influence on the contemporary Oaxaqueno kitchen. The participation-based classes are combined with market tours, demonstrations in local homes and cottage industries to immerse the students in the Mexican culture. She’s even had the likes of Rick Bayless come through her school- her fans love her enthusiastic teaching style and they come from all corners of globe to learn in her kitchen.