Troubles and Triumphs

On this episode, our Real Designing Women take on some the industry’s most unique challenges. One of the most important attributes of a designer is the ability to problem solve and in the design world, problems are plentiful.

Nina’s long battle with an incompetent Long Island contractor finally comes to a head over shoddy workmanship and missed deadlines. She takes over and re-does a lot of what he did and is finally relieved with the final product.

Dee Dee, meanwhile, is working on a very elaborate cottage which has its own set of obstacles. As always, Dee Dee will do whatever it takes to make sure her clients are happy with the finished product, even if it means lots more schlepping up to cottage country.

Lori’s current project is typical West Coast cool: a meditation room; but not just any meditation room. A client/friend of hers is having it designed for his very young girlfriend, and on his dime. Very West Coast.