You Snooze, You Lose

On this episode, our Real Designing Women take on the good, and the bad, in the all-important world of self-promotion.

Dee Dee’s charisma, style and industry stature also means she’s considered “A list”. A chance encounter with Bonnie Brooks, president of The Bay department chain, at an industry event, inspires her to go on a mission to re-brand herself (with the help of a marketing firm) and test her ability to go “mass market”.

Lori lands an unexpected invitation to a design bloggers luncheon at an infamous Hollywood mansion. She then lands a coveted spot designing a room in the Greystone Mansion, a yearly event in Beverly Hills.

Nina and her team at Haus Interiors have their hands full when they are green lit on a big project for The Dillon condo complex in Manhattan. The budget is tight and she only has four weeks to outfit not one but four different condos! No time to order custom furniture or items, she has to go on a mad shopping/begging spree to get it done.